Upcoming Auditions


TIME: July 1st and 2nd at 6:00 p.m. at the Twin Lakes Playhouse The weird and wonderful family comes to devilishly delightful life in THE ADDAMS FAMILY, the musical. Created by Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice, and Andrew Lippa, THE ADDAMS FAMILY features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family. A man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, she confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before — keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.

AUDITIONS: Will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. There will be a short introduction by the directors, Deb Smith and Dylan Gamble. Please prepare a song to sing a capella. You may be asked to do scales to determine your range. We will also have our choreographer present to teach you a small dance routine to do in a group or individually. We will work on scenes from the show or, if you would like, you can prepare a short monologue.


Gomez:  Age 45-50. Dashing, distinguished, dark hair parted in middle, mustache. Must speak with Spanish accent. Has an incredible zest for life, has great passion for his wife and great love for his children, extremely protective and proud of his family and the Addams name. Very rich, possesses many interests, has great sense of humor. Flamboyant, friendly, and hospitable.

Morticia: Age 30-35. Slender, beautiful, and sexy. Speaks French. Long dark hair, body-hugging long dress cut very low, long fingernails, white skin. Morticia, in her quiet but forceful way, runs the roost. She is very much in love with Gomez, has a more sophisticated outlook on life, is funny but understated. She is loyal to her family and hates being told a lie.

Fester: Age 50-60. Bald, wears black monk-like outfit. Also very pale skin. He is the unmarried brother of Gomez. His look and attitude is playful, expressive, and more macabre. He is the life of the party and funny. The musical is told by Fester, who is in love and supportive of others “in love”. Plays the ukulele.

Grandma: Age 103 years old, but still spry. She loves to make potions and shares them with the family- either for good or evil purposes. She’s a bit off, eccentric, and rather sarcastic.

Wednesday: Age 18. Still carries the darkness of childhood, she tortures her brother constantly, shoots animals for dinner, has a disturbing, horrifying, and morbid attitude. She never smiles, never jokes, but she can be extremely funny in her own, twisted way. However, she changes completely when she falls in love.

Pugsley: Age 16. Does not have to be fat. Perhaps he’s grown up to become a nice looking young teen. However, he still loves to be tortured by sister Wednesday. He has odd bedfellows (an Iguanodon, rats, etc.), loves to blow up things, create havoc wherever he goes. Pugsley has no friends and relies on her relationship with his sister.

Lurch: Age 35+. Very tall, in a dark suit and tie. He is the butler, yet very much a part of the Addams family. He moves slowly and hardly speaks. Mostly, he makes different grunting sounds to communicate with others. Has a base solo at end of Act 2.

Lucas Beineke: Age 20-22. Simple clothing such as khakis, a sport jacket, shirt, and tie. The type of person the Addams’ call “normal”. However, he has a bit of an interest in working with dead people, loves Wednesday very much, and was originally attracted to her because of her crossbow and arrow. He enjoys the dark side of life, the perfect addition to the Addams Family.

Mal Beineke: Age 45-50. Casual suit and tie. Lucas’ father. Very staunch, almost to the point of boring. He is a busy businessman and often neglects his wife. He is away from home most of the time. He finds the Addams Family too odd, too crazy, too-too much. He can’t wait to get away. But he changes into the man his wife in love with many years ago and they become close again.

Alice Beineke: Age 35-40. Wears lots of yellow. She speaks in rhymes. She is suppressed, lonely, and wants her man to appreciate her. Underneath, she is a loving, compassionate, and passionate woman. She breaks through and expresses herself at the end of Act I.

Ancestors: Age 13+. Must be able to dance and sing well. Each ancestor represents years of the Addams Family tree so costumes will range from the first Addams (caveman) to modern day. The ancestors move in and out of many musical numbers and will be making set changes. Will cast between 10-12 ancestors, both male and female.

Thank you!

Deb Smith