Upcoming Auditions

WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Stephen Kingsbury and Ben Sleep, based on the book by Kennth Graham, Directed by Deb Smith

AUDITIONS FOR the musical version of WIND IN THE WILLOWS are set for Saturday,

February 2, 1:00-3:00pm and Sunday, February 3, 6:00-8:00pm at the playhouse. All ages, 8 and up, are needed. Please prepare a song to sing a capella. There will be a short verbal audition and a movement audition. If you are a dancer, you may prepare a short routine of your choosing. This play is a family production.

This play is set in 1908 England. The main characters speak with a sophisticated British accent. The Wild Wooders have a cockney accent. The lower status characters, like the clerk, policeman, etc. have a lower-class city British accent.


When Mole plucks up the courage to explore the Riverbank with his friend Ratty, nothing can prepare him for the adventure that awaits. Along with Badger and the irrepressible Mr. Toad, the foursome career from one exploit to the next culminating in a battle not only to save Toad Hall, but their very way of life. This magical adaptation of The Wind in the Willows captures all the wit and bonhomie of Kenneth Grahame’s novel, and aims to bring the delights of this literary classic to yet another generation. This musical play also offers up 12 superb songs with singing and dancing for all involved. DANCING AND SINGING to be  performed by all characters. Some characters have solos in some of the songs or their own song.

Cast of Characters:

Toad-Karen McKaig will be renewing your role as the irrepressible Mr. Toad

Mole- (solo) shy but very curious, travel companion to Toad

Ratty- (solo) skeptical but adventurous, travel companion to Toad

Badger- (solo) reigns over the Wild Wooders, the only one who can keep Toad in line, and even he has trouble with that

Chief Weasel- the instigator who wants to take over Toad Hall in Toad’s absence

Otter- good ol’ boy

Horse- tired, pulls Toad’s caravan

Judge- fair until he becomes frustrated with Toad

Clerk- business-like

Sea Rat- (solo) gentle traveler

Mouse- shy, squeamish

Gaoler’s Daughter- kind, wants to help Toad escape from gaol (jail)

Policeman- arrests Toad but shows much offense when Toad calls him a “nincompoop”

Aunt- silly, encourages Prison Guard

Prison Guard- attracted to Aunt

Engine Driver- (solo) jovial, helpful

Weasels/Ferrets/Stoats- (chorus)

Rabbits/Swallows/Field Mice/Passersby- (chorus)

Many of the chorus play several parts throughout play, some speaking and pantomime will be used