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Deliver Us From Momma

Directed by Anne Johnson

August 27 11:00 am Saturday August 28 6:00 pm Sunday
NEED:5 Women, 4 Men – 3
Main characters Mama, daughter and Son All the other 22 “Characters” are played by other cast members, double and triple some rolls. This is a great play to “get your feet wet” into acting since there are very few lines to learn for each zany character.
Synopsis: Mama can’t help but meddle in the lives of her children, and she has outdone herself this time. She arranges a family get together in California so she can help each of them “Make their lives more successful.” However, her son’s wife goes into labour! The Problem? Mama has also arranged for the expectant mother to be in Alabama at the same time. This triggers a hilarious race to beat the stork. Despite a strange alien encounter, a last minute wedding with off-their-rockers relatives, a wild high-speed police chase, a crazy session in night court and much more, this disparate trio drive on. Fasten your seatbelts! You’ve never been on a zany family road trip like this one.