Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for the Twin Lakes Playhouse production of Father of the Bride will take place. Sunday June 2nd at 6 PM. We will also be holding auditions the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

Rehearsals will begin Monday June 10th. We encourage anyone interested in performing to please come out. Auditions will be preformed as a cold reading from the script. Monologues are not required, but welcomed if anyone wishes to prepare one.

We will be auditioning for the following characters (ages are posted only as a guideline to note the age of the character, not the actor. The director of the show has final authority to adjust the age of the characters as necessary.):

Mr. Banks – in the middle forties
Mrs. Banks – in the early forties
Kay Banks – twenty or twenty one
Ben Banks – eighteen or nineteen
Tommy Banks – fifteen or sixteen
Buckley Dunstan – about twenty three
Buzz Taylor – fifteen or sixteen
Peggy Swift – about eighteen
Delilah – in the middle twenties
Miss Bellamy – in the late thirties
Mr. Massoula – in the twenties or thirties, or even a little older
Joe – in the twenties or thirties
Mrs. Pulitzki – between thirties and fifties
Red – almost any age, not too old
Pete – almost any age, same as above
Tim’s Man – almost any age.

There is also a potential for casting a few extras in this show. Extras do not have a speaking part, but would help bring flowers onto the set as necessary.

The production is being directed by Patti Butler. We hope to see a large crowd to audition as this show needs a large cast.