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As Pure as the Driven Snow Auditions

As Pure as the Driven Snow is a classic melodrama. On a dark and stormy night Purity Dean, a working girl with a secret, seeks shelter in a Vermont inn. She’s been forced to give up her canning factory job as she can no longer endure black hearted Mortimer Frothingham’s attentions. Working as a maid at the inn, she falls in love with the brave Leander, who works in a pickle factory. But Mortimer still pursues Purity and will win her by fair or foul means. And so, he begins his campaign of villainy. Caught in the middle of this struggle are an eclectic group of characters ranging from the constantly bickering husband and wife owners of the inn to a high-class society matron and her daughter staying at the inn. Naturally, through many twists and turns Virtue eventually triumphs. Directed by Dylan Gamble.


The cast consists of 13 people; 5 men, 8 women. The ages of the characters listed below are not hard and fast, but are there to give actors an idea of what they are going to be playing.


Auditions are Friday and Saturday, November 16-17 from 2-5 pm and Sunday, November 18 from 6-8 pm. The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.


The Cast in order of appearance:

Mrs. Logan: A woman of fifty. Her manner is severe and precise and is she possessed of a worrisome nature. Despite how she talks she is kind hearted and unselfish.

Jonathan Logan: A wizened man in his fifties. He is completely dominated by his wife, but valiantly tries to gain the upper hand.

Leander Longfellow: Tall and stalwart hero in early twenties. He has a frank and outspoken manner and is slow to anger. Although his speech is less than intelligent at times, it doesn’t conceal the noble sentiments of his heart.

Purity Dean: Our chaste working girl in her twenties. Suffering and the secret she carries have taken their toll on her. She is refreshingly refined and natural both in speech and manner.

Mortimer Frothingham: A powerfully built man in his forties. Everything about him is evil including the long moustache he always twirls. He knows how to be suave and polished on the outside: a typical man of the world.

Jed Lunn: A man in his forties. His speech is uncouth and he is rough in manner. Frothingham’s minion.

Eric Z. Pickens: A well-built chap in his twenties. He has a bright and easy manner and fairly exudes self-confidence.

Imogene Pickens: A girl in her twenties. Beautiful in a cold and severe way. She is spoiled and headstrong used to having everything her way.

Mrs. Ethelinda Hewlitt: A society matron in her forties. She is snobbish and affected in both speech and manner.

Allison Hewlitt: A smaller version of her mother both in stature and in attitude.

Mrs. Faith Hogue: Late twenties. Refined in manner and quite obviously a gentlewoman.

Letty Barber: A girl in her early twenties. She is Faith’s maid.

Nellie Morris: A tall, stunning woman about thirty. Hers is an easy and self-confident manner and she never loses her poise.


Pure as the Driven Snow runs January 25, 2019 through February 10, 2019 at the Twin Lakes Playhouse. For more information call 870-424-0444.